Wholesale Order Management for Food Manufacturers

Wholesale eCommerce

Let your buyers place orders, monitor order status, and make payments online.

Multi-user Orders & Invoices

Bring your team in and streamline your order workflow from receipt to payment.

Sales IQ Reorder Management

Know when orders are overdue, which products should be included in each order, and in what quantity.

CRM & Account Management

Personalize your relationship with each store and keep track of the details that matter.

Inventory Batch Tracking & Traceability

Track and log inventory, COGS & product batches for all of your products in real time.

Broker Integration & Reports

Manage your broker relationships, and create custom reports for your sales team.

Managing your wholesale business has never been easier

Sell Directly to Stores

Save time with every order, relationship, and payment. Be in complete control of your business and gain the ability to sell to hundreds of stores.

Prepare for Distributors

Minimize your risk, grow your processes organically, and capture the business data you'll need to make your transition to distributors successful.

Food is Personal

We believe in real relationships with our clients, and would like to work with you personally to see how we can help you best.

Since our first users in 2009, komida has helped our clients manage their thousands of direct relationships with stores every single day. We are a small company dedicated to helping specialty food manufacturers grow profitably and never fail.

After all, food is personal.

Our Pledge

For Manufacturers:

We pledge to change the rules for growth as a specialty food company. We will arm you with the tools to grow your business organically and scale profitably, so that your business can succeed where so many have failed.

For Distributors:

We pledge to help you reduce the risk of new suppliers by helping them grow their volume, diversify their sales, and give them the data they need to effectively predict per store sales rates of each of their products.

For Retailers:

We pledge to make it easier to buy from unique manufacturers.

For Consumers:

We pledge to make it easier to find unique products in your favorite stores.

Why? See Our Story